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Episode 243 with J. Bone and Mark Millar

Listen to episode 243 now!

This week at the only LIVE comics radio show that burns the candle at all three ends, we welcome J. Bone and Mark Millar to the Monster Cave. It’s only our second week with the new hour long format but we’re already switching it up (for this week, anyway).

We’ve been lucky enough to book two fantastic guests so you get TWO great comic creator interviews for the same low, low price of $FREE.99.

First we’ll be chatting with J. Bone about his latest book with Roger Langridge from IDW, Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror. If you haven’t checked it out, run don’t walk to your local retailer and hope they have a copy left for you because it’s great fun!

 Next, we are presenting our interview with Mark Millar. He will be filling us in on his latest project with Frank Quitely, Jupiter’s Legacy as well as chatting a bit about his career and what else he has coming up.

As always, if you have a question or just want to let us know your thoughts on what we talk about, feel free to post on our Facebook wall or tweet your question to @monstersdwell.

Where Monsters Dwell is brought to you by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.

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Episode 242 with Roger Langridge

Listen to episode 242 now!

This week on the most high-flying LIVE comics radio show, we welcome Roger Langridge into the Monster Cave. You know Rogers work from such great books as Thor: The Mighty Avenger, The Muppets and Snarked. He joins us to chat about all this as well as his latest book ‘The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror’ from IDW. If you have a question for Roger Langridge, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall.

This week, we will also be presenting our new 1 hour format. The regular WMD show will begin 30 minutes later than usual going forward and will be ending 30 minutes early. We will retain our 2 hour time slot with which we will be presenting some nifty-keen old-timer radio dramas. This week you can tune in at 8 pm EST to hear the old sci-fi series ‘X Minus 1′

Where Monsters Dwell is brought to you by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.

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Episode 236 with Dennis Calero

Listen to episode 236 now!

This week on the only LIVE comics radio show that isn’t afraid to hind behind a mask, we welcome the artist of MASKS from Dynamite Entertainment, Dennis Calero to the Monster Cave. You’ve seen Dennis’ work on X-Men: Noir as well as Captain Victory from Dynamite’s Kirbyverse. He joins us tonight to catch us up on his activity since he was last our guest. This is, of course a LIVE interview so, if you have a question for Dennis, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

We also watched the brand new Iron Man 3 trailer as it was released today and it got us all super excited to see the first installment of Marvel: Phase 2. We’ll be joined at the top of the show by Brent O’Hara, who is a writer and artist for Advanced Iron, Iron Man’s fan magazine, and also one of the volunteers on the committee that’s steering the ECCE. Brent will be lending his vast Iron Man knowledge to help us break down what exactly we were seeing in this great new peek at Marvel Studios’ next offering.

We will also be reviewing The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1, which we picked up at Strange Adventures, in our ‘Shit Comic Reviewers Say’ segment.

Music this week will be:

“Huffer” by Diablo Strange off of the “Diablo Strange” EP

“No Apologies” by Rising Waters off of the “The Fall of Rising Waters” album

“Wrecking Ball” by Moment of Inertia off of the “In These Riot Streets” EP

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