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Episode 314: Cullen Bunn

WMD 314This week on WMD Radio we welcome back friend of the show, Cullen Bunn.

Cullen has a bunch of books in the work, including his newest: “Terrible Lizard”, which is due out next month from Oni Press.

If that wasn’t enough…..and it’s not……he’s also hard at work bringing us the next installment of “Helheim”,… of my favorites…… “Brides of “Helheim”

And on a more somber note, “The Sixth Gun” is creeping closer to it’s final issue with only 5 left. Cullen will be telling us what he has planned for the finale.

It feels like that should be enough, but no, there’s more. He’s also got “Sinestro” and “Lobo” coming out from DC, “Magneto” from Marvel, “The Empty Man” from BOOM!, and “Godzilla: Cataclysm” from IDW.

I don’t know where he finds time to sleep, or even be on this program. But he does, and he’s going to tell us about all of it. Tune in!


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Episode 282 with Cullen Bunn


Listen to episode 282 now!

Cullen Bunn is back in the Monster Cave talking about his new book, “The Remains”, being released this week exclusively on ComiXology by MonkeyBrain Comics. You know Cullen’s work as the creator of “The Sixth Gun” and “The Damned” from Oni Press. He’s also been busy at Marvel on books like, “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and the upcoming series “Magneto”. Not to mention a new Sinestro series coming from DC Comics.

We’ll be talking to him about his new books, and what he’s been up to since we last talked.

If you have a question for Cullen, post it in our Facebook group or give us a call at 506-452-6056.

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Episode 219 with Cullen Bunn and Nick Bradshaw

Listen to episode 219 now!

This week on the busiest LIVE comics radio show, we welcome Cullen Bunn back into the Monster Cave. Cullen is still hard at work on his ‘The Sixth Gun’ book from Oni Press which has just been optioned as a TV series from NBC. In addition he has picked up the writing reigns to a slew of Marvel books. He joins us to chat about all this as well as the Sixth Gun spin-off and his new series coming in March ‘Helheim’.

Also this week, we talk with superstar Marvel artist Nick Bradshaw about the East Coast Comics Expo which will be happening next May in Moncton, NB (our back yard). Nick may have a few juicy bits of information about the brand new event so tune in!

As always, if you have a question for Cullen Bunn or Nick Bradshaw, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

We’ll also be reviewing some coomics in our ‘Shit Comic Reviewers Say’ segmento. This week we picked up Uncanny Avengers #1 and Evil Ernie #1 from Strange Adventures.

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Episode 164 with Cullen Bunn @cullenbunn

Listen to episode 164 now!

Our guest this week is Cullen Bunn, writer of ‘The SIxth Gun’ from Oni Press. He has also written ‘The Damned’ and ‘The Damned: Prodigal Sons’ in 2007 & 2008, both from Oni and he is currently writing ‘Fear Itself: The Deep’ for Marvel comics where he has just signed an exclusive contract. He joins us to chat about all this plus; Sasquatch Wrangling, and serving his country as an Alien Autopsy Specialist. If you have a question for Cullen post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call in studio at 506-453-4949.
Also; New COmics Day at Strange Adventures and Opening Night at Empire Theatres.

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