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Episode 335: Age of Ultron and Free Comic Book Day – with Brent O’Hara

WMD 335This week we welcome back Senior Marvel Cinematic Universe Correspondent, Brent O’Hara, to the show! He’ll be joining us to talk about this week’s highly anticipated and much talked-about “Avengers: Age of Ultron” premiere, maybe a little Daredevil, and of course, next month’s East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton, New Brunswick.

And if that’s not enough – Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! The one day a year where you can walk into your local comic shop and leave with a handful of FREE COMICS!

Age of Ultron?! Free comics?! Well, there’s more! We’ll also be giving away our huge Game of Thrones prize pack live on the show. There’s still time to enter if you haven’t already. Go to our contest page and read all about it.


WMD Radio is sponsored by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.

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Episode 334 – Daredevil

WMD 334This week on WMD Radio, CHSR Program Director and encaffeinated one, Mark Kilfoil joins us to talk about Marvel’s new Daredevil series which was released on Netflix in a single 13-episode dose on April 10th. Too gritty or just right? We’ll let you know what we think – feel free to share your opinions as well!

There was also a new Star Wars trailer in case anyone reading this has avoided the internet since Friday. Oh yeah, and about that Dawn of Justice trailer…

Don’t forget about our Game of Thrones contest! There are less than 10 days left to enter so be sure to check out our contest page to find out how you can be our lucky winner!

WMD Radio is sponsored by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.


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Episode 333 – Game of Thrones / Interview with Ross Mullan

WMD 333This week it’s back to Westeros for the long-awaited return of HBO’s Game of Thrones!  Winter may be finally leaving the East Coast, but it’s still looming over Seven Kingdoms. And what about those White Walkers and their army of the dead advancing on the Wall? We asked the White Walker himself that very question when we sat down with him at Halcon a few months ago. You definitely won’t want to miss our interview with Ross Mullan at the top of the show!

And are we ALREADY deviating from the books? Yup. They said it would happen and they didn’t wait long to start bringing forth the change. Be sure to stick around after new comics for our breakdown of the first episode of Season 5.

Have you entered our Game of Thrones contest yet? Only two weeks to go before we give away a great prize! Check out our contest page here for full details on how to enter.

WMD Radio is sponsored by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.


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Episode 331 – The Walking Dead Series Recap with Theodus Crane

WMDDeadTinyPOSTER2 (1)This week on WMD Radio we are joined by the one and only Theodus Crane, also known as “Big Tiny” on Season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Together, we’ll be recapping the series, talking about his experience on and off the set and what he’s been up to since his time on the show.

We’ll also check in with Jay at Strange Adventures for the latest books to hit the shelves at your LCS on April 1st – AND a huge thanks to Jay for Episode 331’s poster!

Finally, our “Game of Thrones Prize Pack” contest is in full swing all through the month of April. Check out our contest page for details on how this great prize can be yours!

WMD Radio is sponsored by Strange Adventures and Club Fred Grafx.


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Episode 318 – Pop Culture Round Up

WMD 318We’re back from our week off and a lot has happened in the world of pop culture.

The new Star Wars trailer has hit the internet, The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale was this weekend, AND we got a chance to talk to Tim Russ about his newest project; “Star Trek Renegades”.

We’ll also be announcing the winner of our November Walking Dead contest! Somebody will be getting that awesome prize pack just in time for the Holidays.

It promises to be a fun show, we hope you can join us.


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